81600 - Cutting tool for POF cable

Cutting tool for POF cable 
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WuT 81600
Cutting tool for plastic fiber optic cable

The use of plastic fiber optics for data transmission in noisy environments is a reliable, economical and easy to install technology which is suitable for distances up to 100 meters.

For short transmission distances it is entirely sufficient to trim the plastic optical fiber cable using simple tools, such as a sharp knife. In these applications the additional attenuation caused by a less than ideal cut is irrelevant to the quality of the data transmission. The light intensity at the reception location is in any case sufficient for a reliable connection in spite of any losses resulting from an imperfect cut.

But when you begin to approach the maximum permissible distance, the cut quality is important in terms of the achievable distance and the stability of the connection, and can determine whether a connection is feasible or not: A perfect cut can give you up to an additional 20 meters of distance in borderline conditions.

The decisive criterion for the quality of the cut is a flat cut at right angles to the cable axis, so that as little light as possible is lost through scatter or reflection. Such cuts can be achieved using the Wiesemann & Theis cutting tool, without requiring additional grinding or polishing of the cut surface.

Caution: The tool is not suitable for trimming glass fiber optic cables. Any attempt to cut glass fiber media using the tool will damage the cutting element.

Product properties:
Trim plastic fiber optic cable without reworking the cut surface
Clean cut surfaces with a special cutting fixture
Exact guiding of the cable in the cutter
Cable is ready to connect, since the cut surface requires no polishing
Long-life cutting tool with rotating cutting wheel
Replacable cutting tool
Universal use for all plastic fiber optic systems with integrated stripper:
Cutting and stripping with one tool
Shaped knife for damage-free stripping
Easy to use, good ergonomics
Burnished plier with plastic handle
Material: Special tool-grade steel

Technical data:
- Function: Cutting and trimming of plastic fiber optic cables
- Compatible media: Only 2.2mm Simplex and 4.4 x 2.2mm, Duplex plastic fiber optics with 980um fiber core
- Cutting life: 1260 cuts until the cutter needs to be replaced
- Dimensions: 200 x 80 x 50mm (L x W x H)
- Weight: 520g
- Scope of delivery: Fiber optic cutting tool, Allen key for securing during transport

- Wiesemann & Theis product -